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Boeing Retirees


Olson Investment Advisors, LLC knows the Boeing Company, its employees, and their retirement plans well - in fact, we have been helping Boeing managers, executives, and engineers address key retirement issues for decades.

Olson Investment Advisors has prepared a special report, The 10 Biggest Challenges Facing Boeing Retirees. Request a copy today.

Whether you are newly retired from Boeing or considering retirement in the near future, we believe you will find the contents of this special report thought-provoking and illuminating.

As you approach your potential retirement date at The Boeing Company you may find that there are many "variables" to take care of and less time than you would prefer to take care of them. We can help. Many of our clients have faced the same financial choices you are now facing and we are experienced in helping them assess their options.

In short, when we work with Boeing retirees, there is no learning curve. We are familiar with the specific options of the Boeing Pension Plan, and as your Boeing pension will not receive any cost-of-living adjustments, we can offer you a Lifetime Income Analysis to determine how much you may need as you live through retirement. We can help you determine the next step for any assets you may have accumulated via the VIP Savings Plan.

If you are retiring from Boeing, your first call should to us. Give us a ring at (206) 839-4550 or Toll-Free at (800) 838-0748 or email us at